What are The Feenies all about?
Boy bands, flannel and grunge, alt rock, the rise of hip hop, the beginning of pop punk, the "new country" era... The Feenies are all about bringing you the absolute best of the 90s! There are also some songs that fit the 90s vibe, and capture the true feel of the decade (think "Hey Jealousy", "Just a Friend", "Teenage Dirtbag", or "Bye Bye Bye"), you'll hear those at a Feenies show as well. These are all songs that you'll know, love, and be able to sing every word to right along with us! It's a 90s party, and you're invited!

Okay, but why "The Feenies"?
Why not!? Who doesn't love Mr. Feeny?

I want the Feenies to play my wedding/bar/party/event!
Awesome! We want to play it! Check out the contact page here for more info on how to connect with us.

Can you guys play ____?
If it's got that 90s vibe, there's a good chance of that! If we don't know your request, shoot us an email or Facebook message (or better yet, hit us up at a show), and we'll more than likely throw it out for you.

I love the 90s, but what about songs with stronger language in them?
We do our best to stay true to the original songs, but in some cases, lyrics in certain tunes are not appropriate for certain venues. We will ALWAYS follow our client's policy on this. Whether you want the songs played true to form, with radio edits, or squeaky clean, we have no problem accommodating you.

What does the band wear onstage?
The Feenies typically wear era appropriate attire for all shows. If you have a specific request otherwise, please let us know beforehand! We aim to give as authentic a 90s experience as possible.

You guys are great, and we love the 90s, but we like want a female vocalist, horns, or something else as well....
That's no problem! We have additional musicians available for bigger events, with the same experience and professionalism you expect from your favorite 90s band. Let us know your vision when you reach out.

We want to book you for our event.. but we like more than just 90s music...
So do we! But The Feenies is all about bringing you the totally fly sounds of 90s. If you are looking for a band with more variety, the members of The Feenies play in another project, Request Station, and will gladly add some of your favorite 90s tunes in with that band as well.

I have a question you didn't mention here..
Feel free to ask it! Hit us up at [email protected], or feel free to reach us through any of the methods listed on the contact page!